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Summer 2018

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In this issue:

Featured Resource

Crash Costs for Highway Safety Analysis

The Crash Costs for Highway Safety Analysis guide describes the various sources of crash costs, current practices, and crash costs used by States, critical considerations when modifying and applying crash unit costs, and an exploration of the feasibility of establishing national crash unit cost values. This guide proposes a new set of national crash unit costs for the FHWA Highway Safety Benefit-Cost Analysis Guide and Tool as well as procedures to (1) update the crash unit costs over time, and (2) adjust the crash unit costs to States based on State-specific cost of living, injury-to-crash ratios, and vehicle-to-crash ratio.

To view the guide, click HERE.

Missed the Webinar?

If you missed the CMF Clearinghouse webinar in December, you can always watch the recording on the Clearinghouse website. Watch the December webinar, The Right Fit: Finding and Applying the Right CMF for the Job, to learn about New Jersey's current practice for using safety performance functions and crash modification factors. Sophia Azam and her colleagues at New Jersey DOT discussed how they use these tools for HSIP project selections and enhancements, and how they handle situations when site conditions do not perfectly match the prediction models. In addition, do you ever feel like there's so much information on the Clearinghouse that you have trouble finding exactly what you need? Daniel Carter discussed how to select a CMF and demonstrated how to make use of the features of the CMF Clearinghouse to sort through hundreds of countermeasures and CMFs to find the most appropriate CMF for your situation.

Watch the recorded webinar HERE.

Featured CMFs

Below are some CMFs that were added recently.

Install red-light cameras at intersections
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.53
(for right-angle crashes)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Installation of safety edge treatment
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.724
(for run-off-road crashes)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 3 Stars

Install J-Turn intersection
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.858
(for fatal and serious injury crashes)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Featured FAQ

How can I refer to a specific CMF in the Clearinghouse?

It may be the case that you have selected a particular CMF from the Clearinghouse and you would like to refer to that CMF in a report or communications with other users. To this end, each CMF has a unique ID number (i.e., 3127). This CMF ID is listed at the top of the CMF details page (the page that provides all the details about a particular CMF). Additionally, the CMF details page for each CMF has a unique URL (internet address). For example, the link to the details page for CMF #3127 would be The CMF ID is noticeable as the final characters at the end of that URL.

Submit a Study

The CMF Clearinghouse welcomes CMF study submissions to be included in its searchable database. If you wish to submit your CMF study, please email Karen Scurry at Be sure to search the Clearinghouse before submitting a new CMF as we may already have it listed. You may either send a link to a resource already existing on the web (preferred) or upload your own file. Submissions might include published research studies that are not presented in the Clearinghouse, or state-specific CMFs that were developed as part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program.