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Winter 2018

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CMF Tune Up: Resources, methods and real-world applications of CMFs
Monday, December 17, 2018 2:00-3:30pm Eastern Time

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Join transportation engineers, designers and planners from across the country to learn how to use the most recent updates to the Federal Highway Administration's CMF Clearinghouse, resources on how to select the best CMF, and how Pennsylvania and California incorporate CMFs into their tools and programs.

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Featured Resource

NHI Course on Developing Quality Crash Modification Factors (FHWA-NHI-380119)

The goal of this interactive virtual course is to enable you to develop and document quality CMFs. This training alternates between self-paced, Web-based training and live instructor-led virtual classroom sessions, spanned over four weeks. The course provides practical application of various CMF development methods and appropriate documentation of CMF study results. The course is divided into two parts. Part 1 will provide the fundamentals of CMF development, and Part 2 will cover the more advanced concepts and allow you to practice employing the various methods. The course's modules and assignments will be completed independently, interspersed with eight instructor-led virtual classroom sessions, during which you will interact with peers and your instructor.

More information on this course is available HERE.

Featured CMFs

Below are some CMFs that were added recently.

Install profiled thermoplastic pavement markings
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.968 (for all crashes)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Presence of driveway on an intersection receiving corner
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 1.33 (for driveways on 1 receiving corner within 50 feet of a signalized intersection)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Install adaptive traffic signal control
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.87 (for multiple vehicle crashes within 350 feet of an intersection)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Submit a Study

The CMF Clearinghouse welcomes CMF study submissions to be included in its searchable database. If you wish to submit your CMF study, please email Karen Scurry at Be sure to search the Clearinghouse before submitting a new CMF as we may already have it listed. You may either send a link to a resource already existing on the web (preferred) or upload your own file. Submissions might include published research studies that are not presented in the Clearinghouse, or state-specific CMFs that were developed as part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program.