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Summer 2017

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In this issue:

Featured CMFs

Below are some CMFs that were added recently.

Install red-light cameras
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.8
(for crashes related to red light running)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Change right-turn lane geometry to increase line of sight (intersection level)
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.564
(for fatal and injury crashes)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 3 Stars

Install intersection conflict warning systems (ICWS) for two-lane at two-lane intersections
Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Value: 0.73
(for all crashes)
Star Quality Rating: Description: 4 Stars

Featured Resource

Synthesis of Countermeasure Costs

CMFs are a valuable tool that can help identify the most effective countermeasures to improve roadway infrastructure safety. Transportation professionals need CMFs, countermeasure service life, countermeasure costs and crash severity costs to conduct an economic appraisal or crash-based cost-benefit analysis of potential countermeasures for implementation. This resource presents a synthesis of information used by the states for countermeasure costs.

To view the guide, click HERE.

Featured FAQ

Why do some CMFs show an increase in crashes?

A CMF reflects the safety effect of a countermeasure, whether it is a decrease in crashes (CMF below 1.0), increase in crashes (CMF over 1.0), or no change in crashes (CMF of 1.0). Most of the CMFs in the Clearinghouse indicate a decrease in crashes because most of the countermeasures in the Clearinghouse are intended to reduce crashes. However, there are situations where the Clearinghouse displays CMFs that indicate an increase in crashes.

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Submit a Study

The CMF Clearinghouse welcomes CMF study submissions to be included in its searchable database. Please use the provided form at to submit your study. Be sure to search the Clearinghouse before submitting a new CMF as we may already have it listed. Your submission could include published research studies that are not presented in the Clearinghouse, or state-specific CMFs that were developed as part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program.