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Study Title: Bicycle Tracks and Lanes: a Before-After Study

Authors: Jensen

Publication Date:JAN, 2008

Abstract: This paper presents a before-after crash, injury and traffic study of constructing bicycle tracks and marking bicycle lanes in Copenhagen, Denmark. Corrections factors for changes in traffic volumes and crash / injury trends are included using a general comparison group in this non-experimental observational study. Analysis of long-term crash trends points towards no significant abnormal crash counts in the before period. The safety effects of bicycle tracks in urban areas are an increase of about 10 percent in both crashes and injuries. The safety effects of bicycle lanes in urban areas are an increase of 5 percent in crashes and 15 percent in injuries. Bicyclists' safety has worsened on roads, where bicycle facilities have been implemented. Design of bicycle facilities and parking conditions for motor vehicles clearly seems to have safety implications, especially at intersections. The study has revealed a few points in relation to this. Construction of bicycle tracks resulted in a 20 percent increase in bicycle / moped traffic mileage and a decrease of 10 percent in motor vehicle traffic mileage, whereas marking of bicycle lanes resulted in a 5 percent increase in bicycle / moped traffic mileage and a decrease of 1 percent in motor vehicle traffic mileage. The changes in traffic do result in health benefits due to more physical activity, less air pollution and less traffic noise. The positive benefits may well be much higher than the negative consequences caused by new safety problems.

Study Citation: Jensen, S.U. "Bicycle Tracks and Lanes: a Before-After Study." TRB 87th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers CD-ROM. Washington, D.C., (2008).

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CMFs Associated With This Study

Category: Bicyclists

Countermeasure: Install bicycle lanes

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.83171 StarVehicle/pedestrianK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
0.9281 StarVehicle/pedestrianK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
0.47531 StarVehicle/pedestrianK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.49-491 StarVehicle/bicycleK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.57-571 StarVehicle/bicycleK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.05-51 StarAllAllNot SpecifiedUrban
1.14-141 StarAllK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.01-11 StarAllONot SpecifiedUrban

Countermeasure: Install bicycle tracks

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.9101 StarAllAllNot Specified
0.9731 StarSingle vehicleAllNot Specified
0.9281 StarSingle vehicleAllNot Specified
1.16-161 StarSingle vehicleAllNot SpecifiedNot specified
0.9371 StarRear endAllNot Specified
1.01-11 StarRear endAllNot Specified
0.37632 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllNot SpecifiedNot specified
2.2-1202 StarsNot specifiedAllNot Specified
1.34-341 StarHead onAllNot Specified
2.4-1402 StarsAllAllNot Specified
1.7-702 StarsAllAllNot Specified
2.29-1292 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllNot Specified
1.77-771 StarVehicle/pedestrianAllNot Specified
2.35-1351 StarAllAllNot Specified
1.12-122 StarsAllAllNot Specified
1.09-91 StarAllAllNot Specified
1.48-482 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllNot Specified
1.01-11 StarVehicle/pedestrianAllNot Specified
0.59412 StarsAllAllNot Specified
0.9911 StarAngleAllNot Specified
0.79212 StarsFixed objectAllNot Specified
0.9281 StarFixed objectAllNot Specified
0.62382 StarsFixed object,Vehicle/pedestrianAllNot Specified
1.13-131 StarVehicle/pedestrianAllNot Specified
0.9102 StarsVehicle/pedestrianAllNot SpecifiedNot specified
1.8-802 StarsAllAllNot Specified
1.23-231 StarAllAllNot Specified
1.05-51 StarVehicle/pedestrianAllNot Specified
1.78-781 StarAllAllNot Specified
6.19-5191 StarVehicle/pedestrianAllNot SpecifiedAll
1.66-661 StarVehicle/pedestrianAllNot Specified
1.12-122 StarsAllK,A,B,CNot Specified
1.06-61 StarAllONot Specified
1.18-182 StarsAllAllNot Specified
101 StarAllAllNot SpecifiedUrban
1.3-301 StarAllAllNot SpecifiedUrban
1.19-192 StarsVehicle/pedestrianK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.3-302 StarsVehicle/pedestrianK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.07-71 StarVehicle/pedestrianK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.1-101 StarVehicle/bicycleK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.24-242 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
0.87131 StarVehicle/bicycleK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.04-41 StarAllK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
0.9731 StarAllK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.27-271 StarVehicle/bicycleK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.12-121 StarAllK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.01-11 StarAllK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban
1.39-391 StarAllK,A,B,CNot SpecifiedUrban