CMF Clearinghouse User Guide

The CMF Clearinghouse User Guide provides information about crash modification factor (CMF) basics for those unfamiliar with CMFs and guidance on how to conduct searches on the CMF Clearinghouse. It also provides advanced tips and functionality for more experienced users.

This User Guide is organized into the following sections:

Introduction to Crash Modification Factors
This section provides basic information about what CMFs are and how they are used.

Introduction to the CMF Clearinghouse
This section informs readers about the purpose and contents of the CMF Clearinghouse.

Searching for CMFs on the CMF Clearinghouse
This section shows users how to use the search functionality of the Clearinghouse to find CMFs.

Identifying Appropriate CMFs
This section provides guidance on interpreting search results and selecting the most appropriate CMF for a given situation.

Information for Advanced Users
This section provides information about CMFs and the Clearinghouse for those with more experience. It includes guidance on downloading extracts of the CMF Clearinghouse database and guidance on developing CMFs.

Other Resources

User Guide Downloadable PDF
A complete downloadable PDF version of the User Guide.

Video Tutorials

Conducting a CMF Search
See a demonstration on how to conduct a search for CMFs on the CMF Clearinghouse.

Understanding Search Results
See an example of a search results page and learn how the Clearinghouse presents the results of a search.

Filtering Search Results
See a demonstration on how to use the search results filters to narrow down a large set of search results.

Using the CMF Details Page
See an example of a CMF details page and learn what each piece of information means and why it is important.