Study Details

Study Title: Safety Effects of a Targeted Skid Resistance Improvement Program

Authors: Lyon and Persaud

Publication Date:JAN, 2008

Abstract: The study examined the safety impacts of improving pavement skid resistance using data from New York State. The New York Department of Transportation (NYDOT) runs a skid accident reduction program that identifies sections of pavement with a high proportion of wet-road accidents, friction-tests these locations according to ASTM E-274 using the ASTM E-501 Ribbed Tire, and treats those with both a high proportion (35-40%) of wet-road accidents and low friction numbers (<32). An empirical Bayes before after study was conducted of locations that were treated under this program. The results indicate that this can be a highly cost effect safety treatment for both intersections and road segments that warrant skid resistance improvement because of a high frequency of wet road accidents and low friction numbers.

Study Citation: Lyon, C and B. Persaud. "Safety Effects of a Targeted Skid Resistance Improvement Program." 87th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, 2008 Annual Meeting CD-ROM.

CMFs Associated With This Study

Category: Roadway

Countermeasure: Improve pavement friction (increase skid resistance)

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.79920.14 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.66733.34 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.81918.14 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.59414 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.79720.34 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
1.271-27.14 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.58941.14 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.42657.44 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.37262.84 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.35564.54 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.21778.34 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.54645.44 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.59740.34 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.36163.94 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.58241.84 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.55444.64 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.58641.44 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.30469.64 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.58541.54 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.9435.74 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.50449.64 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.32267.84 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.26173.94 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.33566.54 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.22177.94 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.36163.94 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.48251.84 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
1.045-4.54 StarsAngleAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.78721.34 StarsAngleAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.82817.24 StarsAngleAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.89810.24 StarsAngleAllNot SpecifiedAll
1.687-68.74 StarsAngleAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.79920.14 StarsAngle,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.47534 StarsAngle,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.82817.24 StarsAngle,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
1.105-10.54 StarsAngle,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.82917.14 StarsAngle,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.76423.64 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.9643.63 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.68431.64 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.59940.14 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.86213.84 StarsAllAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.43456.64 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedAll
0.85214.83 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.34665.44 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.26744 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.53846.24 StarsWet roadAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.82817.24 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedAll
1.047-4.73 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.77622.44 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.61238.84 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.86613.44 StarsRear endAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.57542.54 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot Specified
0.9712.93 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.47452.64 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedRural
0.34465.64 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedUrban
0.64364 StarsRear end,Wet roadAllNot SpecifiedUrban