Study Details

Study Title: Safety Evaluation of Box Span Signal Configuration

Authors: Yassin et al.

Publication Date:JAN, 2017

Abstract: A research study was conducted to evaluate the safety benefits of the Box Span Signal Configuration for all drivers and for older drivers’ age 65 years and above. The Box Span Signal Implementation was evaluated by performing a literature review, perception survey of Michigan drivers, and crash data analysis. Safety Performance Functions (SPF) were developed as part of the study. Crash Modification Factors (CMF) were developed through the before-after analysis of crash data. A benefit cost analysis was also performed to evaluate the safety benefits. The Box Span Signal Implementation, when replacing a diagonal span configuration, was found to significantly reduce Angle crashes by 12.4 percent for all drivers.

Study Citation: Andridge, P., A.H.Ceifetz, V. Kwigizile, and J.L.Yassin. "Safety Evaluation of Box Span Signal Configuration". Presented at the 96th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Paper No. 17-04529, Washington, D.C., (2017).

CMFs Associated With This Study

Category: Advanced technology and ITS

Countermeasure: Install Box Span Signal

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.9752.54 StarsOtherAllNot specified
0.89710.34 StarsOtherK,A,B,CNot specified
0.87612.44 StarsAngleAllNot specified
1.097-9.74 StarsOtherAllNot specified
0.88811.23 StarsOtherK,A,B,CNot specified
0.84115.93 StarsAngleAllNot specified