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Study Title: Statewide Analysis of Bicycle Crashes

Authors: Alluri et al.

Publication Date:MAY, 2017

Abstract: Bicycle crashes are a major traffic safety concern in Florida. In 2014, Florida led the nation with 139 bicyclist fatalities, representing approximately 20% of the nation’s total. This project aims to improve bicycle safety on Florida’s state roads by conducting a comprehensive study focusing on both statewide and site-specific analyses. The specific project objectives include: (1) review and summarize existing literature on bicycle safety; (2) identify specific contributing causes and patterns of bicycle crashes; (3) identify and analyze bicycle hot spots for crash causes and potential countermeasures; and (4) develop Florida-specific Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) to assess the safety effects of common engineering treatments on bicycle safety. In this study, an extensive literature review focusing on the methods to identify bicycle hot spots and findings on bicycle crash causes, crash contributing factors, and potential countermeasures was first conducted. A descriptive trend analysis was then conducted based on a total of 26,036 bicycle crashes that occurred during 2011-2014. The top five bicycle crash hot spots in each Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) district were then identified using spatial analysis in ArcGIS. These hot spots experienced a total of 2,954 bicycle crashes during the four-year analysis period. Police reports of these crashes were reviewed in detail to identify specific bicycle crash types. Crash contributing factors related to each crash type along with specific countermeasures were then identified. Macroscopic spatial analysis was conducted to model the relation between demographic, socio-economic, roadway, traffic, and bicycle activity data at the census block group level and bicycle crash frequencies in Florida. Finally, cross-sectional analysis was conducted to develop Florida-specific CMFs for bicycle crashes for different roadway segment and intersection facility types.

Study Citation: Alluri, Priyanka, Md Asif Raihan, Dibakar Saha, Wanyang Wu, Armana Huq, Sajidur Nafis, and Albert Gan. "Statewide Analysis of Bicycle Crashes." Florida Department of Transportation (May 2017).

Study Report: Download the Study Report Document

Comments: Not all CMFs from this paper were included in the Clearinghouse. Some CMFs were results of predictive modeling (e.g., number of bus stops within a certain distance) and would not be consistent with the scope of the CMF Clearinghouse.

CMFs Associated With This Study

Category: Bicyclists

Countermeasure: Install bicycle lanes

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
1.69-692 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.86143 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
2.24-1243 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban

Countermeasure: Install shared path

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.75252 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban

Countermeasure: Install sidewalk barrier

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
2.18-1182 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
4.2-3202 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
1.99-993 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.33672 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.36642 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban

Category:Intersection geometry

Countermeasure: Install bicycle lane and/or bicycle slot at intersection

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
1.27-272 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
1.71-712 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
1.36-362 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban

Category:On-street parking

Countermeasure: Allow parking on both sides of road

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
2.65-1652 StarsVehicle/pedestrianAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.48523 StarsVehicle/pedestrianAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban


Countermeasure: Install sidewalk

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.41592 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
1.78-783 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
1.87-873 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
2.71-1712 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban


Countermeasure: Increase lane width by 1 ft

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.64362 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.52482 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.77233 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.75253 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.79212 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.24762 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban

Countermeasure: Increase median width by 1 ft

CMF CRF(%)QualityCrash TypeCrash SeverityRoadway TypeArea Type
0.9913 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.9822 StarsVehicle/bicycleK,APrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.9913 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherUrban
0.84162 StarsVehicle/bicycleAllPrincipal Arterial OtherRural