CMF Most Wanted List

The list below represents areas or specific countermeasures for which the CMF Clearinghouse does not have CMF information. These areas have been shown to be of interest to users of the Clearinghouse based on an analysis of searches conducted. Essentially, the question posed was, "what are people searching for but not finding?"

This list represents an analysis of user searches made, from July 2019 to September 2023. The items listed represent areas where crash-based safety evaluation research is needed — a CMF "Most Wanted" list grouped by themes. This list can be used by the safety research community to prioritize research needs statements, particularly those which deal with evaluations of specific countermeasures.

  • Intersection/interchange design
    • Bowtie intersection
    • Continuous flow intersection (CFI) / Displaced left turn intersection (DLT)*
    • Continuous green T intersection (CGT)*
    • Jughandle intersection design*
    • Quadrant roadway intersection*
    • Single point urban interchange (SPUI)*
  • Road Design/operational improvements
    • Cross slope design*
    • Dual turn lanes
    • Reversible lane segments*
  • Traffic Calming
    • 2 x 1 roundabout
    • Chicane*
    • Curb extensions (also called bulb-outs or bump-outs)*
    • Mini roundabout*
    • Speed management*
    • Speed table*
  • Bicycle
    • Bike box*
    • Sharrows (bicycle shared lane markings)*
  • Other
    • Bollards
    • Crosswalk visibility (decorative crosswalks)
    • Pedestrian accessibility
    • Wildlife*

* Also appeared on the previous CMF Most Wanted list from 2019


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